Universe Is Friendly

He was a senior scientist.

He was staying in a hotel given by the government. He would leave the hotel every morning and go to the work site.

He used to come back to the hotel in the evening or at night. For his trip, the government provided him with a car and a driver. His name is Kathiresan.

At the age of nineteen, he joined the army as a soldier. Married the next year after joining the military. A son, a daughter. Quite a happy family. One day, a new order came. Task change order.

Enjoy the senior scientist and the driver should join the task immediately.

Too much work and too much rest. During the day, he was moving slowly, reading newspapers and reading books. One day, during a morning trip, the scientist asked.

Kathiresan, what have you studied?

Sir I am the one who failed in the tenth class. That too in English only,

Kathiresan’s mind suddenly creaked, though he was rushing with pleasure. Do you study English? Me?

Realizing Katherine’s reluctance, the scientist said.

I help, you study further and complete the 10th standard.

Soon both became teachers and students.

After work, in the evening work, he taught the basic grammar of English very simply.

In the same year, Kathiresan became a 10th class student. Then Scientist asked Kathiresan

Can you study +2?. He encouraged him . you can.

Kathiresan joined the +2 course as an individual examiner.

The scientist also accepted the cost of the study.

When the work is done and you return to the hotel in the evening, there will be a match every day.

The scientist should read the library texts and Kathiresan his textbooks. The one who reads the most is the winner.

The match went to Kathiresan.

Won +2 exam with 51.4 percent marks.

Small aim is a crime – small goal is equal to crime.

Scientist asked kathiresan after completing +2, can you study higher education?

Kathiresan was hesitant , finally agreed to go for degree education.

Scientist suggested him to study B.Sc., . Kathiresan’s wish was different. The two talked and came to a conclusion and chose undergraduate history through Postal education.

Whenever time allowed, he told the story of world history, and especially of the two world wars.

Kathiresan was amazed every day. Is he really a scientist or a historian? The suspicion continued to accumulate.

Success in undergraduate, with 51 percent marks. The scientist was amused.

Kathiresan’s family rejoiced. I have a master’s degree. The scientist was even more excited.

The scientist, who is only a bachelor, encouraged his driver to pursue a master’s degree.MA, Political Science.

Despite many obstacles, Kathiresan continued to study. Once upon a time, due to family circumstances, he had to miss a choice.

You have to go to Chennai to write the exam. Not enough time to travel.

The scientist looked. Without any hesitation, he arranged to fly to Chennai at his own expense.

Ten years later Mr.Kethiresan had completed BA, MA, B.Ed., M.Ed.,

The courses Katherine studied were much longer than the letters of her name.

At the end of the decade, the army recalled Kathiresan.

In 1992, she reluctantly parted ways with her guru.

He retired voluntarily in 1998 and returned to his hometown.

Even when he retired, the light of study, the light of study, which his teacher had lit in his heart, was still shining brightly.

Kathiresan enrolled for a doctorate at Sundaranagar University.

Dr. Kathiresan Today, he is an Assistant Professor at the Government Arts College, Tirunelveli.

Grew up as a driver, assistant professor.

Guys, do you know a high-ranking man, a driver who failed in the tenth grade, a driver who, unbeknownst to himself, hid, hid, hid his interest in education, race, curiosity, support, kept reading, and raised that noble soul?

His Excellency Dr. ABJ Abdul Kalam.

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