Prime minister of India inaugurates A P J Abdul Kalam memorial


Honorable Prime Minister Narendra modi with Dr Kalam elder brother APJM Marakayar, APJM Nazeema Marakayar, Grandsons APJMJ Sheik saleem, APJMJ Sheik dawood, GK Moinudeen, M Risalth Ali, Nizamudeen, NG Shurfudeen , Dr Kalam close friend Mr. SampathKumar seen during the Dr Kalam memorial inaguration

In short, the memorial is a creation of the Modi government. It’s not only a monument to perpetuate the great legacy of the ‘People’s President’ but also as a gift to the people of Tamil Nadu. To quote the PM from the Thursday  rally, the temple town, from now on, would not only be a destination for religious fulfillment but also for the ‘spiritual learning’ that Kalam represented.

Being a man of deep knowledge despite being humble and simple, Kalam’s life and career reflected the clearness of the blue sea by which he grew up while nurturing his childhood dreams.

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